Fantasy Huddle: August 24, 2016

In the second preseason episode of Fantasy Huddle, Chris Gogh, Dave Neilson and Soren Petro give you tips on who to choose for your perfect fantasy football team.

High School Blitz Preview: August 23, 2016

Brian Sandler gets you ready for the first week of high school football on the High School Blitz Preview Show!

2016 ACC Coastal Conference Football Preview Show

Our Ben Wagner breaks down the 2016 ACC Coastal football conference.

ACC Atlantic Conference Football Preview Show

Our Ben Wagner breaks down the 2016 ACC Atlantic football conference.

Fantasy Huddle: August 18, 2016

The tenth season of Fantasy Huddle is back! Join Chris Gogh, Dave Neilson and Soren Petro for all of your fantasy football information.

2016 Football Preview Shows

What is the 2016 season looking like for your favorite college team? How about their conference rivals? Check out our college football preview shows!

American Conference Football Preview Show

Harrison Sanford previews the 2016 American Athletic Conference football season.

Big 12 Football Preview

Brian Sandler breaks down the Big 12 football conference.

All-Access: Dallas Cup

The Dallas Cup soccer tournament returns to the Metroplex March 20-27! Brian Sandler has an inside look at the world-renowned event, which features more than 180 teams and 1,000 volunteers.

Dream(cars) Come True

Ever dream of driving a Lamborghini on a racetrack with no traffic to slow you down? Now your dream can come true thanks to Fittipaldi Exotic Driving, which offers the chance to drive several supercars at Texas Motor Speedway, Driveway Austin and MSR Houston.

All-Access: Rugby Rising

Like soccer before it, rugby is a hugely popular global sport that is trying to gain mainstream popularity in the United States. But as weekend warriors across Texas are proving, there are plenty of opportunities to play it, regardless of age or skill level.

All-Access: A Drive to Paint

NASCAR has always had colorful characters, and since 1984, it has had colorful infields with increasingly intricate paintings promoting race sponsors. The process is a lot more interesting than just watching paint dry as a GPS system, not stencils, are used to create the artwork

All-Access: What is Equestrian?

Equestrian is a global sport with Olympic status, but many people don't know much about it. Brian Sandler spent some time with the SMU equestrian team--one of only 22 college programs in the United States--to learn how it works and what makes it unique from every other sport.

All-Access: Sidekicks Dance Team

The Dallas Sidekicks feature plenty of action on the field and plenty more just off it thanks to their Dance Team. As our Brian Sandler reports, the dancers put just as much work into their performances as the players.

All-Access: Pigskin Pioneer

Dr. Jen Welter made history in July when the Arizona Cardinals hired her as an intern Training Camp coach, making her the first female coach to reach the NFL. It was actually her third historic achievement in the past two years with the previous two coming as a member of the Texas Revolution indoor football team. Brian Sandler details the journey that put her in position to go where no woman had gone before.

All-Access: From Pigskin to Pit Stops

Arlington native Boone Stutz made it to the top level of football, playing two seasons in the NFL. Now he’s enjoying the top level of a different sport, serving as the jack/gas man in Danica Patrick’s pit crew.

All-Access: Wheelchair Motocross

Wheelchair motocross is a growing extreme sport. Our Brian Sandler tells us about it.

All-Access: Jet Baseball

Bart Bratcher has been teaching the game of baseball for over 30 years and on two continents. Coach Bratcher believes baseball is more than just balls and strikes.

All-Access: First Tee of Greater Austin

The First Tee of Greater Austin is a youth development organization dedicated to building character, instilling life-enhancing values and promoting healthy choices all through the game of golf.

All-Access: Ashley Wallace T4K

Ashley Wallace wanted to do something big in the fight against cancer and it led her on a 4,000 mile ride across the country.

Calling All Volunteers!

The Dallas Cup is a huge event and it takes a huge effort to make it happen, and that effort is made up mostly by volunteers, some of whom take vacation time from their full-time jobs to help keep the tournament running.

Breaking Barriers Through Technology

The Dallas Cup brings teams from all over the world to the Metroplex, and with that comes a lot of language barriers. Thankfully, advances in technology are making it easier than ever for different cultures to communicate with one another.

Community Outreach

In addition to developing players on the field, the Dallas Cup strives to develop people off of it. One of the ways it achieves this is having teams visit local schools and hospitals to show them the positive impact they can make away from soccer.

Referees Also Here to Develop

The Dallas Cup gives youth teams a rare chance to experience international competition, and the same goes for the referees who are also trying to develop their skills with the goal of someday reaching the top level of their sport.

Foreigners Feel Right at Home

One of the most unique and enjoyed features of the Dallas Cup is the HomeStay Program, which has foreign players and referees stay with local families. It’s a big commitment for the families, but it’s vital to the tournament’s success as it saves teams as much as $50,000 on hotels, meals and travel.

MAC Football Preview Show

Marisa Contipelli breaks down the 2016 MAC football conference.

Big 10 West Football Preview Show

JP Cadorin takes a look at the 2016 Big 10 West football conference.

Conversations: Jerry Grote

Brian Sandler interviews former MLB catcher Jerry Grote, who miraculously survived an EF-4 tornado while growing up in San Antonio and reached four World Series, including a victory with the 1969 "Miracle" Mets.

SEC Football Preview Show

Beau Bishop previews the 2016 SEC football conference.

Big 10 East Football Preview

JP Cadorin breaks down the 2016 Big Ten East football conference.

Conversations: Gordon Jago

Brian Sandler interviews Gordon Jago, who survived the London Blitz during World War II to become a professional soccer player in England's top division, coach the Dallas Sidekicks to two indoor championships, and transform the annual Dallas Cup youth tournament into a world-renowned event.

Conversations: Eddie Gossage

Brian Sandler interviews Texas Motor Speedway president Eddie Gossage, who guided the track from its inception to becoming one of the largest and most attended sporting venues in the world.

Conversations: Bob Lilly

Brian Sandler interviews Pro Football Hall of Famer Bob Lilly, an All-American at TCU who went on to win a Super Bowl and make 11 Pro Bowls with the Dallas Cowboys.

Conversations: G.A. Moore

Brian Sandler interviews G.A. Moore, the winningest head coach in Texas high school football history who won eight state championships and led Celina on a state-record 57-game winning streak.

Conversations: Mel Renfro

Brian Sandler interviews Dallas Cowboys legend and Pro Football Hall of Famer Mel Renfro, who helped the Cowboys win two Super Bowls and made the Pro Bowl in each of his first 10 seasons.

Conversations: Walt Garrison

Brian Sandler interviews former Dallas Cowboys standout Walt Garrison, a Super Bowl champion, member of the Cowboys' 25th Anniversary Team and an inductee in both the Texas Sports Hall of Fame and the Texas Cowboy Hall of Fame.

Conversations: Wade Phillips

Brian Sandler interviews the longtime NFL coach about his life and career, including working for his legendary father with the Oilers and his head coaching stints with the Cowboys and Texans.

Conversations: Jamaal Charles

Brian Sandler sits down with former UT Longhorn and current Kansas City Chiefs running back Jamaal Charles to discuss his life and career.

Conversations: Bradley, Cashion and Hart

Brian Sandler interviews a trio of Texas Sports Hall of Famers: Former UT and NFL standout Bill Bradley, former NFL referee Red Cashion, and legendary Baylor track and field coach Clyde Hart.

Center Circle: Stoppage Time

Nick Garcia and Andy Edwards discuss the idea of a permanently combining Copa America with teams from North and South America.

Roast of Wade Phillips

This is the Port Arthur News Homecoming Roast of Wade Phillips.